Warranty and care for your purchase

5 Year warranty

Shower KING products carry a 5 year Warranty.

We are sure you will be happy with your new Shower KING product.

In the unlikely event you are not entirely happy with any Shower KING product, and believe it to be faulty, heres what to do.

Please contact, in the first instance the retailer where you purchased your Shower KING product.  Where they will examine the product for any defect and replace defective items under warranty.

Please examine all Shower KING products prior to installation for any obvious defects or missing parts.

We quality check each item, and weigh all packaged items to ensure all items are in the box for your convenience.

Care of your Shower KING Product & Warranty requirements:

  • Please ensure correct wall fixings are used for the type of surface you are fixing to. Shower KING products are provided with basic wall plugs and screws for fixing into solid masonry only.
  • For fixing into hollow walls, please use suitable fixings.
  • Make sure all fixings are securely tightened, without over tightening, which may cause damage to your Shower KING product.
  • Care should be taken when cleaning Shower KING products. It is recommended that you clean with a mild soapy water solution and rinse well with clean water.
  • As with all bathroom cleaning products, please read the instructions on the bottle or pack. As some chemicals can be harmful to plastics and metals, which could void your warranty if used on Shower KING products.
  • Do not, under any circumstances use abrasive pads when cleaning Shower KING products. This will diminish the shine of the chrome plating.
  • Watch for brackets becoming loose after some use. Please ensure all fixings have been securely fitted. As this will allow unnecessary strain on fixing holes and damage your Shower KING product.
  • If your product has soft rubber nozzles, gently rub the palm of your hand over the nozzles each time you use the shower. This will prevent the build up of limescale. This will ensure your shower jets remain functional for years.