Shower Wall Brackets

Shower KING range of Shower Wall brackets

A range of 4 Shower wall brackets for holding your shower handset, freeing your hands for washing.

These shower wall brackets compliment our range of riser kits allowing for additional handset locations, or for replacing your missing or broken wall bracket.

Easyfix Magnetic shower bracket

Easyfix Magnetic Shower bracket

The Easyfix, magnetic shower bracket is ideal for fixing your shower head to ferrous surfaces, and is perfect for adding additional mounts to the Easyfix riser kit.

As long as you have a flat metallic (ferrous /steel) surface, you can stick this Wall bracket where you like to hold your shower.


Intrata Shower wall bracket

Intrata Shower Wall Bracket

With its bright chrome finish, the Intrata modern shower wall bracket from the Shower KING range offers much more than its simple functionality.

This designer shower handset wall mount with a dependable shape which couples unabashedly with almost any decor


Trifix 3 position wall bracket

Trifix Shower Mount

The Trifix shower mount is a secure fixing.

A three position solution for holding your shower handset in a variety of positions, to allow you hands free use of your handset.

For total flexibility, complete the look of your bathroom with Trifix wall mount from the Shower KING range.

Designer shower handset wall mount with a dependable shape which couples unabashedly with almost any decor.


Ingeo wall mount

Ingeo Shower Wall mount

For a brilliant, contemporary handset holder look no further than the Ingeo chrome shower wall mount, a model from the Shower KING range of showering accessories.

These Shower KING accessories have been designed to be combined with other Shower KING range products such as hoses and shower handsets to help you create your perfect shower setup.