Fixed Shower Heads

The Shower KING range has a beautiful range of fixed shower heads, in a variety of sizes & styles.

Chose from traditional and contemporary design fixed shower heads.

Deluge Fixed Head Shower Head

Deluge Fixed Shower Head

The modern, square but curved fixed shower head.

170mm Square head with rounded corners gives a generous shower spray.


Nimbus's 214mm ultra thin head gives a rain like soaking.

Nimbus Fixed Shower Head

The sleek, ultra thin Nimbus fixed shower head.

Look no further than the Nimbus 214mm ultra thin round fixed shower head from Shower KING for the perfect blend of contemporary looks and performance.



Drench Fixed Shower Head

Lightweight 160mm Drench fixed shower head.

This stunning 160mm round, chrome effect, Drench fixed shower head from the Shower KING range, perfectly blends contemporary aesthetics with high performance to make it a must-have for modern bathrooms.