Handheld Shower Heads

Handheld shower heads are the heads normally attached to the end of your shower hose, and come with a 1/2″ male thread that fits the majority of standard shower hoses.
A replacement head should fit most wall brackets, as it is the hose connector that joins the handset, that fits into the wall bracket or riser bracket and not the actual handset.
Handheld shower heads are available with a number of functions, styles and colours.

EcoMax Handheld shower head

Water saving and Multifunction? EcoMax The Ecomax, 5 setting handheld shower head. The EcoMax uses Power rinsing technology, which […]

EcoMax Handheld Shower ...

Finesse 3 function

Style and functionality without breaking the bank.  The Finesse, 3 setting shower handset.

Finesse Shower Handset

Spectrum 5 function Handheld shower head

The spectrum handheld shower head, with 5 settings we’ve got you covered! Modern design with a luxurious aerated […]

Spectrum Handheld Shower ...

Elise S Slimline Shower Head

The water saving and stylish Elise S, Slimline shower head.  The Elise S slimline, single function, handheld shower head.

Elise S Slimline ...